Welcome to War in The Heavens: Dark Energy! A resource for online narrative-centric roleplaying in the Fading Suns Science Fiction/Occult setting. Just doing my part to break the monotony of the Politics, News, Workaday cycle! Feel free to jump right in:

Things to do here:

  • Learn all about the Fading Suns setting and FATE game system on the Wiki!
  • Join Obsidian Portal (free), so you can…
  • Dream up a character or a story, and run it past me in a message!
  • Post in the Comments section for everyone to see, about your interests.
  • Feel free to listen to my Fading Suns Spotify Channel, for musical inspiration.

War In The Heavens: Dark Energy is:

  • Glory, Romance, and Horror in the gritty/space opera/occult setting of Fading Suns
  • Based in the narration-oriented FATE game system.
  • A sandbox for new chronicles
  • A showcase for some characters in a private chronicle I run on and off.
  • An in-development chronicle for characters (or just players) from mature or concluded Fading Suns games, to run through the events of the War in Heaven: Lifeweb, Hegemony, and Pantheon chapters of Fading Suns.
  • Bound to focus on Cosmology
  • Something that owes its existence, on many counts, to the creative work of samhaine

War in the Heavens: Dark Energy

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