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Characters in FATE/Fading Suns will be defined by skills and aspects you choose, plus the character history and description you write for each of the distinct phases of their history up to the present. All four elements: skills, aspects, description, and chronology, are genuinely part of your character definition.

  • Build your character in five distinct phases, much like in the Fading Suns Core Rules.
  • In each of the five Phases, you will assign seven bumps to skills, and two aspects, to your character.
  • Some skills will start at average whereas most will start at poor. See the Skills list for details.
  • Overlapping Rules:
    • You can take a given skill or aspect only once per phase.
    • More than half (that is, 4) the skill bumps in a phase must be in skills you have not bumped in the last two phases.
    • You may bump a single skill to Epic, but Legendary is not permitted to start play, and the rest must be below epic.
    • You can take an aspect more than once, but it is recommended that you not go above 3 for any aspect, since it is unlikely that you will find that many narratively distinct uses for a given aspect in a single scene.


You may take one of the two Extras phases immediately before or after Upbringing, in your character chronology. The other must come after “Early Career” (or both can come after it.)

  • Phase 1: Upbringing
  • Phase 2: Apprenticeship
  • Phase 3: Early Career
  • Phase 4: Extras
  • Phase 5: Extras

For more on character conversion from the Fading Suns mechanics, see Character Conversion.


Where you were raised (city/manor/desert/starbase/etc.), and your guardians’ relative wealth and social standing.

  • Aspect Mandatory: For aliens, your species.
  • Aspect Mandatory: For Nobles, a trait related to one of your House’s characteristics:
    - — Li Halan: Aspect related to Faith, Pious, and/or Guilty.
    - — For al Malik: Aspect related to Calm, Gracious, and/or Impulsive
    - — For Hazat: Aspect related to Vengeful, Disciplined, Passionate, or Perceptive.
    - — For Hawkwood: Aspect related to Extroverted, Honorable,
    - — For Decados: Aspect related to Perceptive, Strongwilled, Vain,
  • Skill Mandatory: For folks from Noble and Urban backgrounds with any real wealth, a point in the languages skill to include literacy in your first language is mandatory. For all others, unlikely in this phase.

Noble Upbringing |


This stage’s skills should reflect exactly the sort of training you recieved as junior member of your church sect, noble house, guild, etc. For guildsmen and clergy, take at least one aspect that explains why you fit in with that group.

Early Career

  • Aspect Mandatory: For Nobles, Guildsmen, and Clergy, an apsect denoting rank in the power structure.

Extras/Tour Of Duty

First Stage

Second Stage


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