War In Heaven? Cosmology?

If you’ve played Fading Suns, you probably ended up asking at least a few of these questions:

  • What was the mythological War in Heaven about?
  • Who and what were the Anunnaki? Are they among us today?
  • What are Demons, occult powers, gods, and Faith?
  • Why are the Stars Fading?
  • Is the universe ending? Is there anything that can be done?
  • What was Zebulon’s vision & gospel really about? What’s the Celestial Sun & Emyprean?
  • What can we possibly hope for?

Yes, gentle reader, I have all these questions and more, answered. The cosmology of the Fading Suns universe has an exact and concrete history, and latent cosmic/political crisis, that answers the myriad questions raised in every canon oddity. I will release a “pieces of the final truth your player knows” section, based on faction/knowledge, etc.

Naturally everything I present here is just my own work (to which I reserve all rights), on top of Bridges/Greenberg/Holistic Games/Red Brick’s Fading Suns setting (whose rights I am not challenging), and not a canonical interpretation of the setting.

Fading Suns Geek: Pantheon

If you follow the Fading Suns game, you’ll know that the last chapter of the WiH trilogy, “War in Heaven: Pantheon,” was never published! So I’ve had to write it on my own. It’s been a pretty exhaustive process combing over all of the canon game, especially Hegemony, Heretics, Orphaned Races, Ur Children, the al Malik feifs book, and the Star Crusades books, and then rereading all the relevant Phillip K. Dick.

After much labor, I’ve sketched in the mysterious blanks all over the Fading Suns opus, connected all the dots, to reveal the Truly mind-blowing truth lurking behind it all! … !!! … Eleventy! More on that as I develop the Wiki.


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