martial arts


Shaidan: A no-nonsense hand-oriented fighting style that emphasizes honor, and is in vogue among the nobility.

Koto: Ancient human martial art taking its current name from a trickster bird of Aylon, uses misdirection. Teaching style involves riddles. Popular with al Malik.

Mantok: Unarmed fighting art of Brother Battle order. Relies on exceptional athleticism and, some say, harnessing the inner light of faith.

Iron Heel: Practical kicking-and-grappling martial art taught to many Muster.

Bharata zho Veda: Esoteric fighting art of Eskatonic monks.

Jox Kai Von: Close-in and brutal unarmed fighting art of the Ukari developed by the legendary swordsman Gisdrom of the Jeweled eye.

Graa: Recently developed multi-limb technique art for Vorox.

Vhem-saaen: Traditional unarmed (and armed) fighting arts of the Obun.


Fencing A dozen styles in the Empire, purported to be highly variable, but so interwoven and consistently encountering each other that for practicl purposes, they are a single sword art: the Swordfighting art of the Nobility of the Known Worlds

Kraxi Sword technique developed by Rongan priest Gisdrom of the Jeweled Eye.

martial arts

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