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Phillip K. Dick

  • VALIS: An acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligence System. A reality generator responsible for the illusion of history and used as a channel for communication by extraterrestrial superintelligence.

Among the famous author’s last books was the VALIS trilogy, including the postmodern semiautobiographical novel Valis, Divine Invasion, Owl in Daylight, and possibly Radio Free Albemuth and the Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich.

Nearer the end of his life, Dick wrote voluminously in a journal he called “Exegesis” linking the Valis trilogy and other books like Ubik, with wide-ranging philosophical, religious, cosmological, and scientific speculation. Reading this work requires untold hours of labor and numerous SAN checks. Thank Pancreator, a guy by the name of Lawrence Sutin wrote a book “In Pursuit of Valis” as a digest of the Exegesis. He’s sort of the Mad Arab Abdul Alzahred, of the PKD/Fading Suns canon.

Anyway the point is, per Bill Bridges, the Cosmology of War in the Heavens: Hegemony owes much to In Pursuit of Valis, and I went to that source for some of the ideas in War In The Heavens: Dark Energy.


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