Psi Powers

Psi powers are a capacity to tap a universal power-source by sheer willpower and skill, in order to do things like read minds, move objects, shift shape, and so on.

There are several different paths, and using each path requires a skill.

Using a path also requires that an aspect, “Psi,” or “Psychic” or “Doppleganger” be invoked. This is the only way to use Psi powers— they have to be the consequence of invoking a Psi aspect in a scene. Although, on rare occasion the game judge may let you invoke some other trait that is situationally appropriate and pertains to what you mean to accomplish with the Psi power.

Either way, it costs one Fate Point to invoke the trait, as usual. You can make one use of the Psi power as many times as you bought the Psi aspect, as usual with aspect invocation.

There are a number of different psychic paths, including:

  • Far Hand (Telekinesis)
  • Omen (Precog)
  • Psyche (Telepathy)
  • Sixth Sense (Sharp senses, clairvoyance, etc)
  • Soma (control over the body)
  • Sympathy (psychic bonds & wards)
  • Vis (controlling energy flows)
  • Sathra (to do with jumpgates)


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