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The Ancient War

  • The mysterious Anunnaki roam the universe, eventually waging their war. Lesser civilizations rise and fall and rise again, on countless worlds, including Holy Terra (Urth).

The Great Withdrawal

  • The Anunnaki withdraw from the universe, leaving only their monumental architecture, the jumpgates, and myths, behind.
  • ~1800 AD: Vau reach space
  • ~2000 AD: Federation on Obun homeworld founded, globalizes over next twenty years.

The Diaspora

  • ~2305 Humans discover Terran Jumpgate. In the next 200 years, humanity will visit 25 star systems, and permanently colonize 20 of them.
  • ~2600 First Republic falls to pressures of outworld governments and Noble Houses
  • 2630 Obun rediscover spaceflight, and colonize the Velismil solar system within 70 years.

The Age of Miracles

  • 2723 Zebulon the Prophet, a Benedictine Monk from the Mars colony, has vision of the Holy Flame on the apocryphal planet Yathrib, and begins to preach the Omega Gospels.
  • 2745 Vau Warship appears over Cadiz, demonstrates Vau military and technological supremacy, terrifying humanity.
  • 2797 Humanity makes contact with Obun.
  • 2845 Humanity turning to the teachings of Zebulon, in the wake of Vau terror.
  • 2849 Zebulon dies in a freak Jumpgate accident on a peace mission to the Vau. (Yes, he was 156 years old; even in this first dark age, longevity technology allowed the wealthy to live in some cases to nearly 300 years of age.)
  • 2851 Palmenides Alecto confirmed first Patriarch of the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun.

The first Dark Age

  • 2855 Ur-Ukar launch suprise attack on humanity, beginning the Ur-Ukar wars. The first Patriarch Palmenides Alecto, unites humanity in the name of Zebulon the Prophet.

The Second Republic

  • ~3500 Second Republic founded by Merchant interests of Byzantium Secundus and Leagueheim.
  • 3774 Legendary Terraformer/Mystic Doramos announces Pentateuch will be his final terraforming project.
  • ~3800 Ungavorox colonized.
  • ~4000 The Fading Suns phenomenon, increasingly studied over the last fifty years, becomes popular knowledge, adds to millenial fervor while 2nd Republic Welfare system strains. Crisis of confidence leads to collapse of Second Republic within fifteen years, the Church backing the Noble Houses in siezing power. Numerous worlds shut down their jumpgates in retreat from the falling Republic.

The second Dark Age

  • 4525 First raids by Vuldrok Star nation. Within 20 years, a young nobleman of house Alecto, Vladimir, begins uniting the Known Worlds against invasion. Is overwhelmingly successful.
  • 4550 Emeperor Vladimir Alecto coronated, and assassinated within hours. The Known Worlds, nominally united, enter the regency period, a period of numerous skirmishes and little progress, but relative stability.
  • 4900 Symbiots begin to attack outlying worlds.

The Emperor Wars

  • ~4965 Struggle to end the Regency and put an Emperor on the Phoenix Throne – the Emperor Wars, begins. Church schisms and suppression of heresy become more severe. Tehcnology is recovered, unearthed, and redeveloped for use in the War.
  • 4995 Nobleman of House Hawkwood, Alexius, a veteran of the (ongoing) Symbiot Wars, valiant, charismantic, tactically and politically brilliant, and with vast, loyal, independent resources well consolidated, fights last battle over Byzantium Secundus and secures the Phoenix Throne. He is coronated Emperor, ratified by large majority of those who hold Imperial Electoral votes.


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