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The Second Republic pioneered new heights of inhumanity through bizarre technology. Nowadays genetic modification is strongly interdicted, and unnecessary and extensive use of cybernetic modifications to are as well.

Characters can take aspects for almost any cybernetic or genetic modification they can dream up. Simple limb and organ replacements have advantages and disadvantages that roughly cancel out, and can simply be described as part of your character. If they make you substantially more powerful than an ordinary human, your mods should be taken as aspects.

Most such traits of either kind are reasonably obvious, and most people react to them pretty negatively. Many of either type can at least occasionally require medical/technical attention. Characters taking such aspects should define whether the trait is obvious or not, and whether it needs periodic attention from a trained professional.

A few Cybernetic mod examples:

  • Cybernetic limb(s)
  • Cybereyes
  • Toolkit hand
  • Flesh cavity
  • Subdermal Armor
  • Cybernetic kidneys/liver
  • Cyberlungs (aquatic)
  • Thinkmachine Interface
  • Skillchip
  • Forearm gun
  • Wrist Blades
  • Grimson Mods

A few Genetic mods:

  • “Animalized” (useful traits of some nonhuman animal)
  • Toxic skin
  • Quabirim (enhanced intelligence, mental instability)
  • Grimson (Large, strong, fast)


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