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Here’re just a few details of the numerous worlds of the Empire and beyond. Codes are known to open “star roads” between only a few planets apiece.

Feifs of his Imperial Majesty, the Emperor Alexius
The Emperor controls two pairs of planets; the Throne World and its neighbor Tethys, and isolated Nowhere, whose sole neighbor is the Symbiont frontier world Stigmata.

  • Byzantium Secundus: Throne World, High tech, mostly ocean, star road hub.
  • Tethys:
  • Stigmata: Would be a pleasant and lucrative world were it not the frontline of the Symbiot wars. Its gate is the only gate for which coordinates are known to both Empire and Symbiont worlds.
  • Nowhere: Once reported to be a verdant jungle world, long cut off from the Empire, and when rediscovered, largely reduced to a barren planet and ruins, only its massive Gargoyle unchanged.

Worlds administered by the Merchant League

  • Leagueheim: Technological wonder-world, homeworld of the Merchant League
  • Madoc: Oro’ym homeworld, water world
  • Bannockburn: Gannok homeworld, garden world, abundant Anunnaki ruins.
  • Kordeth: Ukari homeworld and many al Malik feifs. Surface atmosphere unbreathable, vast underground cave systems with living environments thanks in part to terraforming.

Worlds administered by the Universal Church
Of the Church-controlled worlds, Pentateuch and Artemis have roads directly to Holy Terra. Demoley’s only neihgbors are distant Severus and Aylon. Pyre however has roads to the two hub worlds of the Empire, Byzantium Secundus and Criticorum.

  • Holy Terra: Garden world, access restricted
  • Pyre: Avestan homeworld, once verdant world recently gripped by desertification.
  • Demoley: Brother Battle homeworld. Once a readily habitable world, recent environmental change has made it very harsh.
  • Artemis: Sanctuary Aion homeworld, source of “bone plague” disease. Technologically advanced, limited democratic government under Sanctuary Aion supervision. Sole neighbor is Holy Terra.
  • Pentateuch: Eskatonic Order homeworld, world of mysteries and wonders.

House al Malik World Feifs
The core of al Malik space is the Kordeth/Criticorum/Shaprut triangle. From Kordeth one can travel onward to Aylon then Istakhr. Shaprut and Iskakhr also connect directly with the Symbiont frontier world of Stigmata. Finally, Criticorum links with Cadavus, Kish, and Pyre, making it a hub for both shipping and House politics.

  • Istakhr: Arid world, originally an Ukari colony. Home to the Stock Exchange of the Known Worlds, al Malik throne world. Haunted.
  • Shaprut: Shantor homeworld, dominated by steppes. Formerly a House Ramakrishna Feif.
  • Aylon: Robust but very unusual ecosystems of poisonous and radial symmetry life forms. Settled by commoners hailing from Ancient Urth’s “North American” continent.
  • Criticorum (major League interests) One of three most advanced worlds in the Empire, wealth, high-tech, old Republican laws, bloodsports, markets, and a critical jumproad hub.

House Hawkwood World Feifs
Ravenna is the hub of the Hawkwood worlds, with roads to all four of the other feif worlds. Lemenkainnen and Velisimil also have roads to Byzantium Secundus.

  • Lemenkainnen: Hot-temperate garden world, noted for heretical sects and occultists, gate open to Vuldrok world Hargard. Reputed abundance of Gjartins, Antinomianists, Nightecracker (zombie) infestations.
  • Ravenna
  • Delphi
  • Gwynneth
  • Velismil (protectorate, Obun homeworld)

World Feifs of the Hazat
The Hazat feifs form a loop quadrangle with Byzantium Secundus as the fourth planet, and opposite it, Vera Cruz’ night road to Hira. Sutek also has a road to Urth, and Aragon, to Madoc. The Hazat worlds stand between the Kurgan barbarians and both Urth and the heart of Empire.

  • Veracruz
  • Sutek: Throneworld of deposed house Chauki, immediate neighbor to Holy Terra and first world discoveredy beyond Urth’s jumpgate, probably the Richest Anunnaki archaeological worlds ever settled, though long since picked over.
  • Aragon

House Decados World Feifs
Decados worlds form their own quadrangle, with Cadiz linking to the Vau frontier worlds of Vrill-ya and Manitou. Demoley, Criticorm, and Kish round out the neighbors of the Decados worlds.

  • Malignatus: Frozen hell-world
  • Cadavus: Frozen hell-world
  • Cadiz (Hironem homeworld), Hironem reservations, and the continent-sized city sprawl developed during the Second Republic to serve as human/Vau embassy, now abandoned and much picked-over by Scravers.
  • Severus (Ascorbite homeworld) Jungle hell-world.
  • Pandemonium

House Li Halan World Feifs

  • Kish: Li Halan throneworld.
  • Ungavorox (homeworld of the Vorox)
  • Rampart
  • Midian

World Feif of Minor House Keddah

  • Grail: Strong Sanctuary Aion presence, Gjartinism. Etyri homeworld.

Vau border worlds

  • Apshai
  • Shaduveen
  • Vrill-ya
  • Manitou

Legendary Worlds

  • Ustar: Ukari Empire holdout?
  • Yahtrib: World where the prophet witnessed the Holy Flame?
  • Collier’s Landing Starpilot’s Paradise?
  • Raven: Mystic Stonghold of Vuldrok Idolatry?
  • Rukh: Chemical mine world, Terraforming paradise/hell, giant flying reptiles?
  • Eridol: Lost paradise world, once feif of House Thana.
  • Khayyam: Supposed intellectual haven during First Republic, reputed homeworld of St. Horace the Learned Man.
  • Gizah: Lost arid world, associated with fantastic stories of mineral riches and time travel.

Near Barbarian worlds

  • Hargard (Vuldrok Star Nation, House Ramakrishna)
  • Hira (Kurgan Caliphate, disputed by the Hazat)

Symbiont Infested Worlds

  • Daishan: A world “nuked from orbit” after Symbiont infestation; one-time Feif of Houses al Malik and Ramakrishna.
  • Chernobog: The jungle hell-world that supposedly spawned the Symbionts.
  • Absolution:


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