Throughout the wiki I use a notation in reversed carrot brackets, >X,Y<, to denote how restricted (for character creation) and how obscure (poorly understood by the general public in the Fading Suns setting) the element of the game is. I want you to be able to quickly see where the stuff you have to keep as OOC knowledge only is, and what stuff you cannot play.


The first number, (X) is a system of “strikeouts” against certain elements for the purposes of playing one as a player’s character. 3 strikes and a player’s character is not viable. For example, the Vau are >3,2<, meaning they’re automatically not available as player-characters. Similarly at 1+1+1 = 3, cybernetically enhanced Etyri sorcerers are not available for play, though etyri sorcerers, etyri cyborgs, and human cyborg sorcerers, are all still technically doable.

Note that things I restrict, I restrict mostly because they would not be fun to play if I let you. And sometimes because the concept would be hard for me as a story teller to take seriously.


The second number, (Y) denotes how well-known an element of the setting is, to general human civilization in the Known Worlds.

0 = Uneducated people may have heard of it. Educated people know enough about it to get by.

1 = Uneducated people have never heard of it. Educated people may have heard of it, but may still have some misunderstandings of it.

2 = Most educated people have never heard of it, unless they’re specialists who study that kind of thing, or live in unusually close proximity to it. Extremely rare indeed is the human who is genuinely conversant in the details of this element.

3 = Specialists who study this sort of thing may have heard of it, but none of those, even those who live in proximity to it, are not fully conversasnt in the subject.

Bear in mind that in some cases, a more general category, e.g,. “aliens” (who are marked as slightly restricted) may be rated more restricted or more obscure than some specific elements beneath it, e.g., Ukari (who are marked as unrestricted).


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